Why Trump

What we try to do in this project are the following: Talk to and listen to Americans from all walks of life about the current situation and ask them as to why they believe so many people in their country, and in the West in general, are currently so frustrated and discontent that they vote for Donald Trump, who seemed like a rather unlikely candidate for the office of president. Create a sense of the actual people we have talked to and make their opinions, beliefs, fears, and hopes relatable via the use of photographs and extended interviews. Start a conservation about the important issues of our time that breaks with the increasingly polarizing practice of name-calling, undifferentiated accusations, and antagonizing polemic on social media. Portray a country which has its harsh and unforgiving places, but which is, first and foremost, a land of stunning beauty through a photographic journey from the East to the West coast. Bring people, Americans or not, back together and make them think about what we share, instead of what divides us. Put all of this in a book that you will buy, love, share, and that will make a difference in your life.